Our Values

Why Heroes? To change communities, one must invest in the exemplars making a difference; heroes are those who are the fulcrums of change in society.

Why Sagehood? We stumble from infancy to childhood by accident; then from childhood to adulthood by necessity; sagehood is the maturity we can only gain by choice through challenge.

Why an Academy? Better knowledge is irrelevant for wisdom; the quality of growth is determined by the quality of community – our Academy provides the context for true transformation.

We prioritize formation in three realms:

  • Sagehood – the Ethics of Discipline, developing the infinite potential of humanity to grow through adversity;
  • Chivalry – the Ethics of Power, developing the noble duty of humanity to take full responsibility for the needs before us;
  • Artisanry – the Ethics of Beauty, developing the sacred calling of humanity to embody the transcendent.

Through these three realms of development, we cultivate local communities of men and women from all walks of life who bond together while undertaking worthy endeavors. These realms also correspond to the three domains of activities: Dining, Dueling, and Dancing.

Under these three there are Nine Worthy Paths which provide shape to our cultivation of growth, giving us values to embody as we pursue heroism. A true hero strives to embody all of these paths.

For sage heroes, honor is the first and last principle. Courtesy flows from honor, and gives it embodiment. Etiquette flows from courtesy, but always accords with honor. This is the first of the nine paths, and it is detailed below.


Honor is the life of excellence that impacts others and society for the sake of the good, the true, and the beautiful. An honorable person happens to the world, rather than the world happening to them.

Honor consists of Presence, Intention, and Integrity.


Presence is engaging wholly in the person, moment, and task directly before oneself with everything one has to offer in focused awareness and attentiveness.


Intention is confidently claiming mindful ownership and responsibility of one’s choices in order to master one’s self.


Integrity is courageously and dutifully doing what is right to serve others with dedication at all times in every place.

Courtesy is the self-restraint we use to serve each other and orient the community towards unity despite brokenness. It is an abnegation of the passions in service to edification of the other.

Courtesy consists of Sacrifice, Discipline, and Modesty.



Sacrifice is the joyous and free giving of life in hospitality to nurture the health and growth of others, forging shared identity.


Discipline is the temperance of mighty strength under vigilant control resulting in meekness and sobriety of demeanor.


Modesty is the humble setting aside of the need for attention and self-service, looking first to the edification of others, preferring sobriety to gaiety without scorning either.


Etiquette is the ordering of common behavior within community to beautifully ease the path for connection. Niceties couple with discretion to facilitate a focus on the noblest parts of our authentic selves.

Etiquette consists of Elegance, Discretion, and Order.


Elegance is an incarnate encounter which orients the heart towards true virtue, bringing joy and nourishment to the soul through beautiful and graceful effectiveness and simplicity.


Discretion is prudent and circumspect behavior, constraining one’s thoughts, words, and deeds to conform to the situation at hand, erring towards silence.


Order is the living coordination of diverse roles within a hierarchy such that a healthy flourishing of virtuous life results.