Academy events are of many sorts, all focused on the aim of transformation of the self within community – empowering heroes who change the world with honor.

All Academy events, however, are invite-only and not promoted on social media. We have determined to opt-out of traditional social media engagement in favor of direct, personal, invite-only, word of mouth. We will not be advertising these events on this page or elsewhere. If you wish to host an Academy event or inquire about applying to be added to the invite lists, please contact your local chapter captain.

This is a summation of what can be expected at some of the varieties of events we host. This is not an exhaustive list, and you cannot expect to suss out the nature of the experience merely by reading. You will have to come and see, to have the opportunity to understand fully.

Dining Soirées

A Soirée is a unique dining experience wherein challenging conversations are made into works of art. Using a blend of old-world and new-world traditions, a formal, private, themed dinner is orchestrated using ritualized toasts to bring unity out of diversity.

Excelsior Dances

While dance has become an optional side-hobby, a sort of athleisure activity or opportunity for competition or performance, it was not always so. We use classic ballroom dance to learn anew how to live with honor within community. No experience is required.


More intimate gatherings of an eclectic nature, symposiums occur whenever three or more Academians are together with something with which to toast. Traditionally in the home of a Paragon of the Academy, the evening might include dance lessons, swordplay, a board game or two, reading aloud, storytelling, or other merriment. But always deep conversation and toasts thereto. The most casual of Academy gatherings, but also the most essential for deepening community. If you come to anything, come to a Symposium.

Colloquiams of Learning

Education’s least significant aspect is the accumulation of facts and wit. Its primary function is to shape us in order to carry with excellence the weight of responsibility of the time given to us. Let us learn by doing in service of becoming. Develop the skills necessary to impact the world.

Experiential Ventures

We do not intend to re-invent every wheel, but rather to support other endeavors congenial to our aims. Join us as we venture forth to experience the richness of artisanry, classical arts, and more.

Analect Readings

Eschewing online blogs, we prefer to encourage the kinds of conversation in town squares that preceded the invention of the printing press. Collections of dialog-inspiring essays and extracts are read aloud in public (upon a traditional soap-box when feasible) and then discussed with whoever is willing to join in. Signing up to attend a Reading only means you will join in the discussion, and you are not required to be the orator – this is usually done by the organizer.