Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the Academy of Sage Heroes

We exist to create and connect champions of goodness, truth, and beauty.

We are here to change the world with honor.

We are a faith-based co-ed fraternal nonprofit organization.

We develop holistic, impactful moral excellence through local, communal experiences drawn from yesteryear’s wisdom.

We empower agents of healing and change to craft a more virtuous society.

While we do banquets, balls, soirees, and sword duels, we do not party – we create spaces for cultivating personal mastery. We grow people who happen to the world, instead of the world happening to them.

Mystery is part of the experience. Transformational experiences operate below the wordy layer of meaning, making them indescribable by their nature. So don’t wait to be comfortable with our events to register. They are outside of your comfort zone by design. The best things in life are hard. Come and see.

Our lifestyle is built on virtues like Honor, Courtesy, and Etiquette. These are hard, like all good and important things. If you crave more of these in your life and community, come encounter the Academy.

Come and learn more!

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