Do I have to be a Christian to participate?

No. The leadership includes Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant members, and much of the symbolism of the experiences is designed with that background and context in mind. Attendees who are able to affirm at least a belief in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will therefore be better able to enter into our experiences. That said, everyone is welcome to attend if they are comfortable with the event being faith-based, even if they themselves are not professing Christians.

Is the Academy like a Renaissance Faire or the SCA?

While we may enjoy similar activities (sword-fighting, dancing, feasting, etc.), there is a fundamental divide in the purpose of what we do vs. re-enactment hobbies. When LARPing or performing medieval recreation, the focus is on putting on a persona distinct from oneself. It is a performance. And while this can be transformative, this is incidental and rarely by design.

We, on the other hand, are not pretending. We are dealing with the reality of ourselves and our society. Our explicit goal is to shape our own character and identity directly. We are not attempting to roll back progress and abandon our current challenges for an idealized vision of the past. We are taking full responsibility for the present moment which we are entrusted with, and we are shaping it with intention and honor. We look to the past because those who ignore the past repeat its worst mistakes.

How do I find out when an event is happening?

We have opted to not use social media platforms to promote our activities en masse. All Academy events are invite-only. We prefer to rely on direct, personal, invite-only, word of mouth. We will not be advertising our events on this page or elsewhere.

The best way to receive an invite if you don’t know any Academians personally is to email your local chapter captain.

How do I ask to host an event?

We would love to bring the Academy experience to you (a Soirée makes an excellent team-building event). For inquiries, email your local chapter captain.

Are you a nonprofit?

We are in the process of incorporating and applying as a 501(c)10, a fraternal organization. This has similar benefits as a 501(c)3, but with a more specific focus and structure ideal for our purposes. Help us raise money to incorporate here!

Are you a secret society?

No. We have no vows or oaths of secrecy, and do not encourage anyone to enter anything that would impede their partaking of the sacrament of confession. We do have certain exercises that are best entered without knowing what they are ahead of time, to avoid spoiling the effect. Therefore we try to keep their contents private as much as possible, but not secret.

What does it cost to join?

Most public events are free to attend, with a suggested donation to cover costs. Paid memberships are available for regular participants by invite, and may vary in investment.

How can I help?

Donations are welcome, as well as spreading the word! Attend an event to learn more.