The Academy of Sage Heroes is proud to present a unique experience: the Excelsior Dance!

We honor those who choose to take the hard, but better road. We honor those who go higher.

We are coming together on the first Friday of each month to develop our skill in dance and in community. We are doing this for the cultivation of moral excellence, skill diversity, and challenging experiences.

What to Expect:

Our goal is to develop honor (exemplified in presence, intention, and integrity) by engaging in the artful conversation of dance with joy and respect. We ask that our attendees step into an alternative culture with us: a culture of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

While we recommend registering in couples to help have an even number of gentlemen and ladies, be aware that you will not only be dancing with the person you arrive with.

Dueling with swords is now being incorporated into our programme; participation is optional but welcomed.

Community is the focus, so joining us for dinner and conversation afterward is encouraged.

Dress Code:

Casual dress is welcome, but we encourage you to dress as formally and beautifully as you are comfortable, (stopping just shy of a tuxedo or ball gown as these are reserved for Academy Balls). Provocative or outré clothing is not appropriate to our aims, thus we request that you dress thoughtfully. Clothes communicate culture, and we ask that you dress to inspire honor.

(Unless you are confident in your ability to dance both the waltz and the foxtrot for an extended period of time in them, we advise against wearing high heels.)


The first opening ceremony will begin at 8pm sharp, followed by a dance lesson in the style for the evening. Please arrive 5-15 minutes early to get introduced and comfortable so we aren’t rushed at the beginning.

A formal dance will follow the lesson in a structure unique to the Academy. Come and see!

After the formal, those who are willing are cordially invited to join us for a dinner and drinks. If there are those under 21 present and desirous to join us, we will decamp to a nearby diner, otherwise, we will duel for the choice between Blarney Stone or Vinyl Taco.


We accept donations in order to enable us to make these events free to attend. The average cost to put on an Excelsior Dance, regardless of attendance, is $50 (to cover administration and venue fees). Donations via cash, Paypal, or Venmo are welcome as you feel appropriate to your honor.

Dance styles:

Currently, we are focusing on waltz and foxtrot as our styles of choice. We will eventually incorporate an increasing variety of other ballroom and swing styles as the community develops fluency. No prior experience is expected or needed.