You Are Cordially Invited!

If you are here on this page, you have been personally invited by one of the Friends of the Academy.


We honor the trust conferred on you by our mutually respected friend.

The following are the events currently open to invitation. This page will be updated regularly to reflect changes in availability.

Conversation Colloquiums

Introvert-friendly networking and conversation sandboxes. A space to experiment and practice the art of conversation with intentionality and high-quality training.

No registration needed, just show up!
Every Thursday morning from 7-8am
Currently meeting at Atomic Coffee on Broadway
Free, just grab a cup to drink and toast with!

Viennese Waltz Workshop

Learn one of the oldest living traditions of social ballroom dance with us on Saturday March 23rd.

Registration and details here

Excelsior Dance

Every 1st Friday at 8pm
Spirit Room on Broadway
RSVP and details here

(April and May Excelsiors will be on 3rd Fridays)

Dining Soirées

We aim to have at least one Soirée per month, each uniquely themed. After each is completed, a poll will go out to those interested in attending to discover the ideal schedule to accommodate as many as possible. Once determined, the event will be scheduled and shared here.

Vote here for your availability for our April Soirée
Theme: Martyrdom & Responsibility
Venue: Cellar 624 ($50/plate)

Vote here for your availability for our May High Soirée
Theme: Beauty Will Save The World
Venue: Cellar 624 ($100/plate)